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RV Portraits

Midway through 2016 I was approached by Rachel to help her set up an online presence for her portrait business. As one of the most talented artists I know, I was more than happy to help her sort out a website, branding, and get her started on social media.

I built her website using a WordPress theme, adapting it to fit the layout she had in mind for displaying her artwork. I wanted to make sure that the artwork was big enough so that visitors could see it clearly, without detracting from the rest of the drawings on the same page. Rachel also sketched out her idea for a logo, which I digitised for use on her website and social media profiles.

After the website had been established for a few months, the next stage was to introduce a shop function on the website for people to buy artwork. Using Woocommerce, I built my first store experience (I can’t believe I’d never done it earlier either) and provided her with training on how to use it.

You can see the finished shop here, and Rachel’s homepage is here.

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