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Northern Housing Consortium

The Northern Housing Consortium wanted a website that would bring the organisation up to date and reflect the forward-thinking outlook of the organisation.

Part of the brief for this site was to create an easy to use ticketing system to sell places for their upcoming events. They also wanted to move to a CMS that was more user-friendly for staff, and one that would allow them more control over the look and feel of individual pages.

The result was a responsive, SEO-friendly website that was accessible on both old and new browsers. A lot of the company’s audience were still using older versions of Internet Explorer at the time so cross-browser compatibility was crucial.

By moving them away from their previous managed contract and towards a self-hosted approach, working with the company’s IT manager, I was able to help them save over £10,000 a year.

This website made use of WordPress’ multi-site capabilities so that bespoke websites could be created on the fly for any special events or occasions, such as their annual Northern Housing Summit. I also worked with the policy team to create a subdomain that would allow them to publish fully accessible and mobile-ready versions of their policy documents and research that could be easily shared and tracked online.

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